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Briquette Radhe Industrial Corporation - India
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India’s largest manufacturer and supplier of biomass briquetting machine to even UK and USA feels obliged for being a part of the campaign against the global warming by providing the industrial set ups with the boon called ‘briquette’, a ‘bio-fuel’ which is made after recycling the agricultural wastes like cotton stalks, jute or coconut shell, biogases or sugarcane trash, rice husks or rice hulls, ground nut shell, etc, forestry field products like tree barks, woodchips, withered bamboo leaves, shrunken palm shrubs, and the garbage heaps of residential and commercial wastage.

These products undergo various processes under the respective machines like crusher, shedder, turbo dryer etc in which they crushed, boiled, grinded, evaporated of its moisture, and is put into the final process where it is dried to obtain a composite, cylindrical shaped element called ‘briquette’ which is the perfect substitute to the rare and expensively available coal and petroleum problems which are the necessity for the industries to run but also damages the ecosphere in its very worst manner.

This briquette is beneficial to the mankind and nature in endless ways. It saves and brings down the economy by giving the output as equal to coal and petroleum products. The tons of wastages are available which are never going to stop or decrease giving constant production of ‘biomass briquette’. Apart from the product benefits, there are also other advantages which one starts getting right by the time of the installation of briquetting press machine. Government does not impose excise duty on it. It allows tax exemption for first five years. 100% of total depreciation is granted for its first year. The main advantage is that briquette does not let the pollution happen for it eco-friendly substitute to coal, petroleum are made of natural wastes, and there is no compound in them which can pollute the atmosphere.

These processes are undertaken with the biomass briquetting machine. Providing energy which is cheap and more effective with less in put in comparison to coal and petroleum is the main motto of briquette plant. In today’s time, were the fossil fuels and coal are almost on verge of declination, the issues for demand and supply of fuel for the industries can be sorted out by briquetting machine along with bringing the economy at a stable point.

Biomass Briquette Machine produced by Radhe Industrial Corporation is designed to press any agro based waste material into high density fuel blocks in briquette press. The Briquette plant is equipped with latest technology that works at high efficiency, consumes low power, easily operable requiring less labour force to maneuver and has superb structural design. The special feature of Briquette machine manufactured by Radhe Industrial Corporation is it is equipped with electric heating device which helps is adjusting the temperature of material thus solving issues like material blocking and poor modeling problems. By using briquette, one can get more of heat as compared to other fuels.

The industry sector is getting itself aware about the miracles this briquette press machine can create for saving the world from ‘global warming’ and can establish a sound and serene eco system free of pollution.

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